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Course Syllabi - English

The following links are for Official Course Syllabi, which detail expected learning outcomes, outlines of topics, and methods of instruction and evaluation.

ENG031 English as a Second Language I
ENG032 English as a Second Language II
ENG033 English as a Second Language III
ENG034 English as a Second Language IV
ENG098 Basic Writing Skills I
ENG099 Basic Writing Skills II
ENG101 English Composition I
ENG101H Honors English Composition I
ENG102 English Composition II
ENG102H Honors English Composition II
ENG104 Creative Writing
ENG105 Literary Appreciation: Poetry/Short Story
ENG106 Literary Appreciation: Drama/Short Novel
ENG110 Journalism I
ENG111 Journalism II
ENG122 Film Appreciation
ENG210 Journalism III
ENG211 Journalism II
ENG215 World Literature: Before 1650
ENG215H Honors World Literature
ENG216 World Literature: After 1650
ENG225 English Literature: Before 1800
ENG226 English Literature: After 1800
ENG228 American Literature: Before 1865
ENG229 American Literature: After 1865
ENG235 The Shakespeare Plays
ENG235H Honors Shakespeare
ENG250 Mythology
ENG250H Honors Mythology
ENG255  Poems and Their Makers
ENG255H Honors Poetry: Poems and Their Makers