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Learn to Swim - Level IV

Your child will improve his/her skills with the elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke. Rescue breathing, survival swimming, safe diving rules, tuck surface dive and pike surface dive will all be covered. If you have completed Level III course objectives and/or can meet the requirements set by the American Red Cross, you may enroll in this course. This course is being offered in cooperation with the American Red Cross.

Learn to Swim - Level IV (SWM-817)

Section: 0 
Day/Date/Time: S, Jan 20 & 27, Feb. 3, 10, 17, & 24, Mar. 3, 10 & 17, Apr. 7
Time: 12:00 - 12:50 p.m.
Sessions: 10 
Fee: $105 
Instructor: Michelle Cobb 
Location: Field House, Swimming Pool 
Reference # 37404

ATTENTION PARENTS: Please click the links below to print your child's course lessons and pertinent course information.
Parents Newsletter Level IV

Week 1:
Safety Rule: "Be Cool, Follow the Rule!" ​
Worksheets: Dangerous BeachCreate a Poster

 Week 2:
Safety Rule: "Swim as a Pair Near a Lifeguard's Chair"
Worksheet: What Does a Lifeguard Need?
Fact Sheet: Longfellow's Safety & RescueEquipment Answer Key                          

Week 3:
Safety Rule: "Look Before You Leap" 
Worksheet: Dangerous Aquatic Life 
Fact Sheet: Longfellow's Aquatic Life Facts          

Week 4:
Safety Rule 1: "Don't Just Packet, Wear Your  Jacket"  
Worksheet: Lifejackets
Fact Sheet: Longfellow's Guidelines on Lifejackets 
Safety Rule 2: "Know About Boating Before You Go  Floating"  
Worksheet: Boat Safety Equipment 
Fact Sheet: Longfellow's Rules for Safe Boating

Week 5:
Safety Rule 1: "Think So You Don't Sink"
​Worksheet: Stay Calm
Safety Rule 2: "Reach or Throw - Don't Go"
Fact Sheets: Longfellow's Information on HypothermiaLongfellow's Tips on Currents and Dams

Week 6:
Safety Rule: "In Your House and In Your Yard - Watch For Water, Be On Guard" 
Worksheets: None

Week 7:
Safety Rule: "Wave, Tide or Ride - Follow the Guide"         
Worksheets:  Create Your Own Waterpark  

Week 8:
Safety Rule: "Think Twice, Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice"
Worksheet: Longfellow's Information on Hypothermia, Hypothermia - A Dangerous Situation

Week 9:
Safety Rule: "Too Much Sun is No Fun" 
Worksheets: UV Map of the United States, UV Facts and Map Quiz

For assistance with registering your child please contact: 
Michelle Cobb, Aquatic Programs Coordinator at 
636-481-3382 or