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Why Go to Jefferson College?



When Quality Education Matters – Jefferson College Is a Smart Choice

Want a Good Start to College?
Studies show that Jefferson College graduates who transfer to a four-year university do as well or better academically than students who took their lower-division courses from the university.

Want to Upgrade Your Job Skills?
Jefferson College’s career and technical education programs can give you the skills you need to advance in your existing job or help you start a new career.

Are You an Excellent Student?
Many top high school students choose Jefferson College for its high-quality, innovative academic programs of study. Students may also take advantage of challenging Global Studies and Honors Programs in pursuit of academic excellence.

Looking for a Fresh Start?
Has it been a while since you were in a classroom? Have a few more classes to complete your degree? Interested in a new major? Come to Jefferson College where everyone is committed to helping students succeed.

Do You Appreciate Flexibility?
Jefferson College offers classes at convenient times and locations (including many online courses that can be accessed anywhere) to meet the needs of students whose work, family or other responsibilities don’t fit neatly into a traditional college schedule.

Do Quality Instruction and Support Services Matter?
Success at Jefferson College begins with state-of-the-art facilities and many of the region’s top instructors, who possess real-world experience in their field. You’ll also benefit from small class sizes and numerous support services like one-on-one advising, tutoring, writing and math labs, childcare services, career development, and disability support—just to name a few.

Need Help Paying for College?
Jefferson College provides a wide range of financial aid services, all of which go further because of the college’s low tuition.

Want Outstanding Value and Affordability?
Add it up . . .Jefferson College offers the same freshman and sophomore classes as four-year universities at less than half the cost. You receive an exceptional value for your educational investment. That’s smart!