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Center for Teaching and Learning

Center for Teaching and Learning

Center for Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), located on the Hillsboro campus in the library, room 201, offers teaching support to faculty members interested in improving student learning by creating engaging learning environments. Please stop by to use the available technology, check out books, and share strategies and perspectives with colleagues. Be sure to check our About page for information on the CTL, our Events page for session information, our Teaching Tools and Online Teaching pages for links to articles, tools, and websites you can use in the classroom, and our new Service Learning page.

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Talking, Texting and Tardiness, Oh My!
Check out these strategies for dealing with disruptive students. Here is a list compiled by faculty in a CTL session. 

Blackboard Minimum Requirements
Here is a step-by-step guide to help faculty include their syllabus and grade book on Blackboard.



Using the flipped classroom approach to improve student experience: Turning Learning on its Head

Is assessment part of the deterioration of higher education? Is Assessment Destroying the Liberal Arts?

What does it mean to create a culture of advisement? Find out here: Creating a Culture of Advisement: Engaging Faculty in Advising

The role of community college in rebuilding a town: A Community College at the Center of an Oregon Recovery Story.

'Dollar Signs in Uniform' Why For-Profit Colleges Target Veterans.

About the rise in apprenticeships in the US: 'The Other 4-year Degree': Why Everyone's Talking About Apprenticeships

A new study discusses 5 Skills of Successful Online Faculty.

What if Students Could Fire Their Professors? A couple of short articles about student evaluation.

Meris Stansbury writes 15 Facts about the Modern College Student based on new data on tech use and resource spending.