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Future Mathematics Opportunities

Included here is information specific to a number colleges and universities to assist you with transfer questions.  Please understand that information is always changing so it's recommended you check with the receiving institution or the Jefferson College Transfer Specialist if you are unsure about anything or have unanswered questions. 

Central Methodist University - St. Louis Area

Culver Stockton College

Fontbonne Transfer Admissions

Fontbonne Transfer Guides

Lindenwood Admissions

Lindenwood Transfer Guides

Lindenwood Transfer Scholarships

Missouri Baptist Transfer Admissions

Jefferson College TO Missouri Baptist Transfer Guides

Missouri State Transfer Admissions

Missouri State Transfer Equivalencies with Jefferson College

Missouri State Transfer Guides

Missouri University of Science & Technology Admissions

Missouri University of Science & Technology Transfer Credit Info

Southeast Missouri State University Transfer Admissions

Southeast Missouri State University General Education Transfer

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Transfer Admissions

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale  Course Equivalencies

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville Transfer Admissions

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville Course Equivalencies

St. Louis Community College - Health Occupations

St. Louis University - General Transfer

St. Louis University - Course Equivalencies 

University of Missouri - Columbia  Transfer Admissions

University of Missouri - Columbia  Course Equivalency Guide

University of Missouri – Kansas City Transfer Admissions

University of Missouri – Kansas City Transfer Equivalency Guide 

University of Missouri – St. Louis  Transfer Admissions

University of Missouri – St. Louis  Course Equivalency Guide (Jeffco)

Webster University Transfer Admissions

Webster University-Jeffco Transfer Equivalency Guide

Missouri Department of Higher Education Course Equivalencies

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