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OTA Courses & Degree Plan

Academic Plan

Degree Plan


Courses Offered:

OTA100 Foundations of Occupational Therapy

OTA105 Health Conditions

OTA110 Physical Dysfunction in Occupational Therapy

OTA111 Physical Dysfunction Performance Skills

OTA120 Professional Practice and Management I

OTA125 Biomechanical Basis of Performance

OTA130 Psychosocial Occupational Therapy

OTA131 Psychosocial Performance Skills

OTA140 Professional Practice and Management II

OTA145 Applied Neurology

OTA150 Level I Fieldwork A

OTA160 Level I Fieldwork B

OTA210 Pediatric Occupational Therapy

OTA211 Pediatric Performance Skills

OTA220 Professional Practice & Management III

OTA232 Environments and Assistive Technology

OTA250 Level II Fieldwork A

OTA260 Level II Fieldwork B

OTA270 Fieldwork Seminar