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PTA Courses & Degree Plan

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PTA Courses & Degree Plan




Courses Offered:

PTA100 Anatomy and Physiology I for Physical Therapist Assistants

PTA105 Anatomy and Physiology II for the Physical Therapist Assistants

PTA110 Introduction to Physical Therapy

PTA112 Kinesiology

PTA114 Tests and Measures

PTA116 Principles of Therapeutic Exercise

PTA120 PTA Principles and Procedures I

PTA130 Professional Conduct and Communication

PTA140 Neuromotor Development

PTA150 Clinical Experience I

PTA210 Physical Agents

PTA220 PTA Principles and Procedures II

PTA240 PTA Principles and Procedures III

PTA245 Pathological Implications in Rehabilitation

PTA250 Clinical Experience II

PTA260 PTA Principles and Procedures IV

PTA270 PTA Seminar

PTA280 Clinical Experience III

PTA285 Clinical Experience IV

PTA Courses & Degree Plan | Jefferson College


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