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Building Floor Plans

Set majestically among 400 acres of sprawling oak trees and rolling hills, Jefferson College is located in Hillsboro, Missouri. The main campus features 10 buildings that each offer a unique experience ranging from classrooms to an Olympic-sized pool. Building floor plans are provided to ensure you reach your destination with ease.

The Library-Administration Building
1000 Viking Drive

The Administration Building has offices for the President, Institutional Advancement, Business and Community Development, PR and Marketing, Human Resources, Learning Resources, Continuing Education, and the Business Office. Administrative Floor Plan


Career & Technical Education (CTE) Building
1087 Viking Drive

The sprawling CTE Building contains 75,246 square feet of classrooms, offices, and laboratories. Equipment representing the latest advancements in technology is available to students.
CTE Building Floor Plan.

Field House - 955 Viking Drive
Provides facilities for physical education and intramural
and intercollegiate sports, including an Olympic-size
indoor pool. The building is also used for cultural and
social programs throughout the year. 
Field House Floor Plan.


Fine Arts Building - 49 Viking Drive
Offers classrooms, practice space for the music 
department, art studios, dedicated computer labs, and a gallery for displays. The Fine Arts Theatre hosts 
concerts, plays, meetings, and festivals for both Jefferson College and for the community. 
Fine Arts Building Floor Plan.


Technology Center - 1073 Viking Drive 
The Technology Center, a 43,000 square foot, three-level structure featuring a center atrium design, houses
state-of-the-art facilities, the Academic Success Center,
and equipment for several high-tech programs. 
Technology Center Floor Plan.


Arts and Science I (ASI) Building - 1092 Viking Drive
The majority of liberal arts classes are held in the ASI Building. Classrooms and fully-equipped science and language laboratories as well as a student lounge. Lecture halls accommodate larger groups, and the intimate Little Theatre is often used for studio 
theatre productions. ASI Building Floor Plan.


Arts and Science II (ASII) Building
1098 Viking Drive

Includes the Instructional Support Center, a 
microcomputer laboratory, a greenhouse, JCTV 
studios, general purpose classrooms, faculty offices, 
and a student lounge. ASII Building Floor Plan.


Student Center - 1050 Viking Drive
Provides educational information and guidance on everything from financial aid to career choices. The 
Cafeteria provides great food and refreshments, a giant screen TV, wireless Internet, and plenty of room for socializing. The Cafeteria is located on Level I with the Viking Room and the College Bookstore. 
Student Center Floor Plan.


Area Technical School (ATS) - 1039 Viking Drive
Many of the high school students enrolled in the Area Technical School at the College attend classes in the Area Technical School Building. The ATS Building, consists of 32,709 square feet on two levels and includes classrooms, laboratories, and offices for several technical programs available to area high school students enrolled. ATS Floor Plan.
Jefferson College Arnold - 1687 Missouri State Road, Arnold, Missouri
This location offers student services; wireless Internet access; an open computer lab; Learning/Testing Center; Academic Support Center; Library; bookstore; and student lounge area with vending machines.
Arnold Floor Plan.

Jefferson College Imperial - 4400 Jeffco Blvd., Arnold, Missouri

This 20,000 square foot building opened in 2010, and is home to the Law Enforcement Academy and EMT-Paramedic programs. An open computer lab is also available. Imperial Floor Plan.