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Academic Growth

Academic Advising and Support

Project SUCCESS staff aid students by providing academic support and course advising. Prior to registration each semester, participants are encouraged to meet with their coordinator for an academic planning meeting. In this meeting students and their coordinator discuss potential schedules for the upcoming semester and courses needed for graduation and transfer.

Peer Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring: Project SUCCESS hires drop-in tutors each semester to work directly with PS participants. PS students can stop by to see the drop-in tutors for assistance in virtually any subject area. The tutors are also able to assist participants with study tips, note-taking, and computer basics.

Additional Tutoring Hours: The campus Peer Tutoring program is available to all students for one free tutoring hour a week for each course in which a student is enrolled. Project SUCCESS students can utilize additional tutoring hours by speaking with his/her Program Coordinator. Participants may eligible for up to three additional tutoring hours each week per class.

Transfer Assistance

As part of our goal to assist students in graduating from Jefferson College and transferring to a 4-year college or university, Project SUCCESS Coordinators offer transfer counseling and assistance to participants. This assistance includes research of potential transfer institutions, academic planning and course selection to ensure transferability of classes taken at Jefferson College, guidance in scholarship search, financial aid application assistance, transfer portfolios, and campus visits to St. Louis-area colleges and universities.

Campus Visits

Project SUCCESS regularly visits local four-year institutions each semester. Program participants are encouraged to attend these campus visits and benefit from the information given on the campus tours. It's a great way to learn more about schools in your area rather than simply depending on brochures, catalogs, or websites. Many of our program participants have changed their minds about transfer schools just by attending a campus visit.