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Personal Growth

Personal Support

Project SUCCESS staff understand that many of our students attend school, work and have families, which can be stressful to a college student. We like to help our participants by offering a variety of services that focus on one's emotional well-being as well as academic success. In addition to the support students receive from Project SUCCESS staff, the College offers professional counseling. Please contact the COMTREA counselor on campus at 636/797.3000 extension 3209 or 3215.

Cultural Events and Trips

Each semester Project SUCCESS organizes a field trip for participants. These trips are a terrific way of getting to know other students participating in the program. Students will have the opportunity to experience something new and to explore the community and city around them. The cultural field trips are free to active participants in Project SUCCESS.

Informational Workshops

A wide variety of topics are covered in workshops each semester. The workshops are intended to assist students in accessing information, as well as learning from their peers in the program, about strategies and resources that will work for them. Some of the workshop topics include financial literacy, study skills, stress management, and transfer assistance.