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Honors Program

Honors Program

Honors Program

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The Honors Program is a curriculum designed to meet the needs of students who have demonstrated their academic excellence and who wish to take challenging, interesting, even unusual courses to meet their general education requirements.

What kinds of courses will you be able to take in the Honors Program?
All Honors courses will fulfill general education requirements - the core courses you must take for a college degree. You will not need to take any extra courses or any courses that will not apply to your current major or program of study. You will be to choose from courses in English, History, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Speech and Drama and the Humanities.

Why should I choose this program?
Students in Honors courses will have a greater opportunity for interaction with other highly motivated students. Classes are held in the Honors Resource Center in a seminar setting. The Resource Center is also equipped with computers, maps, and reference materials and is open to students for quiet study, research, and group projects.

Honors courses will be noted on academic transcripts, and students who fulfill the Honors curriculum requirements will earn either an Honors Certificate or an Honors Diploma. In addition, participation in the Honors Program will give students a stronger competitive edge when they transfer to four-year institutions.

If you are interested in the program but do not meet the criteria, you may contact the Director of the Honors Program, Susan Todd, to ask for special admission. 

Contact Information:
Honors Program Director, Susan Todd
(636) 481-3347/797-3000 ext. 3347