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Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning integrates community service with learning and reflection.  A service learning project will enrich the learning experience, give students real world experiences to apply to the concepts they are learning, teach civic responsibility, and build relationships in the community.  A stipend is awarded for successful completion of a Service Learning project in your course.  There are many resources available to assist you- contact Amy Kausler at or ex. 3317 anytime to arrange an appointment, ask a question, or to discuss the Service Learning Form.

Requirements for a Service Learning project:

  • The experience must connect with at least one course learning outcome.
  • The instructor defines the scope of the project and assigns points to it.  The weight of the project should be from 10-40% of the total points in the class.
  • The Service Learning project is usually required, but could be optional if it takes the place of another assignment.
  • Service Learning does not need to be incorporated into all sections of a course.
  • Service Learning can be integrated into online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes in any discipline.
  • The instructor may find a community partner, or students may be responsible for finding their own.
  • The project must fulfill a need, or be a "service" the community partner desires.
  • Reflection is required to complete the Service Learning project.  Each student must reflect upon:
    • Did the project enhance my learning and help me master the learning outcome?
    • By completing this project, am I more likely to engage in community service in the future?



Service Learning Project Ideas:

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Hints for a successful Service Learning project:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for Service Learning projects as you review your course learning outcomes.
  2. Make a list of obstacles students may face (transportation, time/scheduling, extra expenses) and be ready to tackle them.
  3. Contact potential community partners and explain your ideas.
  4. After you have collaborated with the community partner and worked out the project details, make sure you send the partner a copy of the project.
  5. If students are responsible for securing their own community partner, set the guidelines for that process.
  6. Start EARLY in the semester.
  7. Break the assignment into chunks.
  8. Assign points and due dates to each chunk and have a proposed timeline from start to finish.
  9. Start small.
  10. Search Service Learning and you will find ideas for courses in all disciplines.  Read through some in your area- you will be amazed at the possibilities.
  11. Contact Amy Kausler with questions or to arrange an appointment (, or ex. 3317).  Several other faculty members in various disciplines have also planned successful Service Learning projects: Terry Kite, Susan Todd, Cindy Rossi, and Suzie Welch.  Your division chair can also answer your questions.


Service Learning Project Application




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