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Academic Success Center (ASC) - Hillsboro

The Academic Success Center at Jefferson College Hillsboro is located on the first floor of the Technology Center. It supports the educational development of students and reinforces classroom learning. Our desire is to empower students to achieve their academic goals by providing opportunities to enhance student learning, course success, and personal growth. We partner with the College community to help meet the College‚Äôs academic success goals, retention and graduation goals.

The Academic Success Center Hillsboro provides services Monday through Friday and on Sundays at times designated on the linked lab schedules: 

Computer Lab

Math Lab

Science Lab

Writing Lab

Business Administration & Psychology Labs

These labs are staffed with professionals who have degrees and instructional experience in their respective fields. Many are full-time faculty.

Academic Success Centers are a proven initiative nationally to help students meet their educational goals. Please stop by and get to know us, and learn more about the services offered.

For more information or help contact Richard Stephenson at (636) 481-3439 or via email at

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