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Reading Placement:


Math Placement:


Non-STEM Readiness
Arithmetic operations (+, —, x , ÷)                 Finding temperature
Calculating interest Interpreting bar charts
Calculating percent Interpreting line charts
Solving proportions Interpreting pie charts
Finding area Finding output in linear models
Finding volume Calculating mean of set of data


Algebra Skills
Evaluating algebraic expressions Solving linear equations
Evaluating expressions w/negative exponents Solving compound inequalities
Graphing parabolas Solving quadratic equations
Finding slope & equation of lines Solving systems of equations 2x2
Identifying max/min from graphs  


STEM Readiness
Graphing lines Solving linear word problems
Graphing functions & identifying intercepts Polynomials (+, —, x)
Simplifying algebraic expressions Simplifying square roots
Evaluating expressions Reduce fractions
Solving linear equations & inequalities Working with rules of exponents
Factoring simple quadratics