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Transfer & Career Options

What is Geography?

Geography is an all-­encompassing discipline that seeks to understand the world its human and physical features ­ through an understanding of place and location. Learn all about Geography.

Transfer Information:

When you plan on transferring, always double check the Geography offerings at your chosen institution. Many programs are Physical Geography preponderant like Washington University — Earth and Physical Sciences, Geology, Meteorology, Environmental Studies or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using GPS.

University of Missouri - Geography Department

Washington University - Physical Geography

Clark University: Clark's undergraduate program in Geography is consistently ranked as the best in the country. 

Careers in Geography:

Institute of Australian Geographers
Provides a comprehensive listing of employment fields and career paths. 

Department of Labor Occupational Handbook
Discover the job outlook for Geography graduates! You will also find a list of jobs that require Geography and also complementary majors and fields to Geography. Geography is one of the most interdisciplinary fields of study.