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HRA Course Syllabi

The following links are for Official Course Syllabi, which detail expected learning outcomes, outlines of topics, and methods of instruction and evaluation.

HRA101   Electricity for HVAC
HRA105   Principles of Refrigeration
HRA125   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanical Systems
HRA130   Solar Hot Water Systems
HRA135   Introduction to International Mechanical Code
HRA145   Piping Design, Sizing, and Installation for Heating, Refrigeration, and A/C
HRA150   Customer Relations and Record Keeping
HRA160   Sheet Metal Design, Sizing, and Installation for Heating, Refrigeration and A/C
HRA205   Residential Gas Heating Systems”‹
HRA210   Electric and Hydronic Heat”‹
HRA216   Residential Air Conditioning Systems
HRA230   Advanced Electricity for HVAC”‹
HRA240   Heat Pumps and Mini-Splits”‹
HRA249   Commercial Refrigeration Systems
HRA290   North American Technician Excellence Certification