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Application Process - Nursing

Thank you for your interest in the Jefferson College Bi-level Nursing Program! Please take a moment to browse our website for answers about applying to our program.

Graduation from either LPN or RN program does not guarantee licensure as stated in Missouri Revised Statutes - Section 335-066.

For more information, please click on the links below.

Beginning Level I/PN Application Process

  • Fall Day Program (application deadline - first Monday in March)
  • Spring Evening/Weekend Program (application deadline - first Monday in October)

Level II/RN Bridging Application Process

A limited number of already practicing LPN's are admitted to Level II/RN on a space
available basis only as Bridge students. Nursing applications are accepted year round.
NOTE:  Both RN Day and RN Evening Nursing Programs are Full-Time Programs.

  • Review of applications for Bridging into the RN Day Program begins in March until seats fill for Fall.
  • Review of applications for Bridging into the RN Evening Program begins in October until seats fill for Spring.

NOTE:  No student shall be admitted into any Nursing Courses or the Nursing Program after class has been in session for 5 days.

Nursing Application Deadlines
Semester:   Application Due:
Fall 2019 Day Program (August)   Monday, March 4, 2019  (by 4:30 p.m.)
Spring 2020 Evening Program (January)   Monday, October 7, 2019  (by 4:30 p.m.)
Fall 2020 Day Program (August)   Monday, March 2, 2020  (by 4:30 p.m.)
Spring 2021 Evening Program (January)   Monday, October 4, 20120  (by 4:30 p.m.)

Questions? Please contact the Jefferson College nursing department:

Phone: (636) 481-3406

Nursing Advisor: Joan Warren
Phone: (636) 481-3211

HESI Remediation

FALL 2018 Nursing Student Textbook list