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Disability Support Services Future Students

Many services for students with disabilities that were previously facilitated by parents and teachers under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Guidelines are now the responsibility of the student.  It should be understood that not all accommodations received in high school are acceptable in college.  It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify, to provide current and appropriate documentation of a disability and to request accommodations from Disability Support Services.

Any qualified student with a disability who requests accommodation should meet with the DSS Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to the student’s first semester of classes.  This allows time to ensure that the student has all the appropriate documentation related to the disability and to set up needed accommodations in advance.

A student has a right to choose not to disclose a disability; however, if a student chooses not to disclose a disability to Disability Support Services, the student is not covered under the ADAAA or under Section 504, and he or she cannot receive accommodations or support services.  Should a student choose not to disclose a disability and then later decide to disclose the disability, any newly requested accommodations are not provided retroactively.