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JC Online

Jefferson College courses that are offered in an online format provide students with choices that may better fit their learning style or lifestyle. These courses provide an opportunity for today's busy adult students to continue their education even if, by necessity or preference, they are not able to come to the campus during the specified times of other sections of the same course.

Courses offered are equivalent to on-campus courses in terms of content, degree of difficulty, and transferability. While these courses are more convenient to schedule, students who have taken the courses in the past agree that they are not easier. They require a lot of work, discipline, and self-motivation to keep up with the assignments. 

In online courses at Jefferson College, students and instructors use the Internet for the distribution of learning materials, for communication, and for student assessment.  Students should determine if they have sufficient computer literacy to take online courses or can find someone to help them learn such basic computer operations as using the mouse, scrolling, clicking on hyperlinks, saving files, using email, and searching the Internet. 

Online courses may require access to a combination of technologies such as computers, the Internet, and CD/DVD players.  Students will need personal access to a computer connected to the web and a current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari installed.  Students are responsible for meeting and maintaining the technology requirements for these courses unless College facilities are used.