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Academic Initiatives & Outreach

MDHE Best Practices in Remedial Education: 

  • Completion Academy
    •  Complete College America
    •  Membership    
      Caron Daugherty, Team Leader Sandy Frey                          
      Deborah Allen Kim Harvey
      Janie Blum Kathy Johnston
      Amy Call Betty Linneman
      Shirley Davenport Dena McCaffrey
      Rebecca Ellison Skyler Ross
      Julie Fraser Allan Wamsley


  • MDHE Missouri Mathematics Pathway Task Force (MMPT): MDHE has convened a statewide mathematics task force to accomplish the following: “(1) increase significantly students’ success rates in mathematics gateway courses without compromising the integrity of the mathematics; and (2) increase significantly the percentage of students completing degree programs.” Skyler Ross is representing the College on this task force. This is one of many statewide and national completion initiatives. 
  • Missouri Reverse TransferIf you have completed at least 15 credit hours* at a two-year college and transferred to a four-year college or university in Missouri, the Missouri Reverse Transfer Program could help you earn an associate degree — even if you are not currently attending college. An associate degree can open the door to more job opportunities and higher pay and help pave the way to a bachelor’s degree.
    *Transferable credit hours from a qualifying Missouri college
  • Transfer Course Library: Following is the link to the MDHE’s “library” of 26 courses that will transfer on a one-to-one equivalent basis among all public two- and four-year colleges and universities and participating private institutions. Currently, the webpage is static, but MDHE intends to make this an interactive webpage in the future.