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Missouri Works Customized Training Program

Missouri Works Training is the state’s premier company training program! Its sole mission is keeping our Missouri companies competitive, by increasing the skills and productivity of our workforce.

Missouri Works Training can provide funding assistance when companies need to upgrade worker skills due to:

  • New products or processes.
  • New Technologies.
  • Competition driving quality or productivity improvement.
  • Relocation or expansion.
  • Leading Edge Training

Leading Edge Training

Missouri Works Training customers get leading edge training that is customized for their companies. Unlike other industry training programs, Missouri Works Training lets the customer decide who will deliver the training.

Examples of training include: Specific Technical Skills, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Team Building, Communication, Safety, International Quality Standards and Leadership.

View the Missouri Works Training Program Brochure for more information or visit the Missouri Works Training website

1. Purpose

The Missouri Works Customized Training Program assists Missouri employers with job training programs and funding to help offset training costs for new and existing employees.

Customized Training has three goals:

  • Training and retraining workers to help meet the demands of new technologies and markets;
  • Create new jobs and expand the work force; and
  • Reduce the cost of training employees, increase company profits and improve worker productivity

2. Eligibility

Missouri companies providing full-time permanent employment (a minimum of 35 hours per week) for Missouri residents may be eligible for training assistance:

  • Job Creation - New or expanding companies creating new jobs in the state.
  • Job Retention - Manufacturers retraining existing employees as a result of substantial new capital investments in manufacturing, or companies retraining existing employees as a result of the introduction of new products or services, or to upgrade quality or improve productivity. Other eligibility criteria may be applied, such as type of occupations and wage rates.

3. Application Process

1. Meet with Jefferson College Representative to Review Application Process Time Frame

2. Complete State Application Information Online (ERTA)

3. Important Forms:

  • Agreement For Services

  • Company Certification

  • Local Tax Clearance Form

  • DOR Tax Clearance Form

  • Union Letter (If Needed)

  • Complete E-Verify Process (new Applicants)

4. Submit State Application Documents to Jefferson College LEA

Classroom Skill Training

Skill Training is instruction in a classroom setting, at your place of business, off site, or other educational facility.
Instructors may be from your staff, from the college, or a combination of all.
Curriculum is based on your specific training needs.
Local Educational Agencies coordinate skill training requests.


On-the-Job Training is instruction through hands-on experience and task performance.
The length of the training is tied to the skill level required for the job, and the time needed for the trainee to become productive. Fifty percent of eligible trainee wages may be reimbursed during the approved On-the-Job Training period for certain types of occupations in the newly created jobs.

4. Reimbursements

Training expenses that can be fully or partially reimbursed are:

  • Instructor costs
  • Instructional supplies (textbooks, workbooks, etc.)
  • Curriculum development costs
  • Vendor trainers used in curriculum development or as instructors