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Service Learning

Service-Learning integrates community service with learning and reflection.  A Service-Learning project will enrich the learning experience, give students real world experiences to apply to the concepts they are learning, teach civic responsibility, and build relationships in the community.  


Recently faculty member Stephanie Cage implemented a hugely successful Service-Learning project in her ECE 210 Curriculum Strategies for Preschool course. She and her students partnered with several children's centers in the area, including

  • The Mustard Seed Preschool in Imperial
  • For Kids Only in Imperial
  • DeSoto Early Childhood Center
  • Don Earl Early Childhood Special Education in Arnold
  • Building Blocks Preschool in Arnold

The students served 5 hours in the classroom settings and created Activity Notebooks for each that consist of 30 developmentally appropriate and curriculum-based activities the teachers could use with their students. On their last visit to their cooperating community partner, the students implemented an activity from the notebook with the children.

Student reflections enabled them to connect their experiences in these preschool classrooms with the various topics covered in their Jefferson College class.

Service-Learning Projects:

  • Connect real-world experiences with at least one course learning outcome.
  • Involve a community partner found either by the instructor, or by the students.
  • Fulfill a need or are a "service" the community partner desires.
  • Are worth 10-40% of the total points in the class.
  • Are usually required, but may be optional if they take the place of another assignment.
  • Can be integrated into online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes in any discipline
    • Require reflection at the conclusion of the project. Students each reflect upon:
    • How the project enhanced their learning and helped them master the learning outcome.
    • How likely they are to engage in community service in the future as a result of the project.

Community Partners

If you are a business or institution in the area with an interest in Service-Learning, we invite you to complete the form below. Let's work together to serve your needs and ours! 

Faculty Resources

Contact Amy Kausler at or (636) 481-3317 any time to arrange an appointment, ask a question, or to discuss potential Service-Learning projects.


Service Learning Bits

2015-16 Missouri Campus Compact Mini-Grant Awarded for Service Learning Project!

Congratulations to Lisa Martin on her MoCC Mini-Grant for the Occupational Therapy Assistance program.  The OTA program will use grant funds to help students learn procedures and benefits of Equine Therapy for differing age groups and disabilities.  The funds will also benefit 8-10 individuals from the community who qualify for Occupational Therapy services.

If you would like to apply for the Missouri Campus Contact Mini-Grant, contact Cindy Rossi.


What Makes Service Learning Unique: Reflection and Reciprocity
If you are interested learning more about how service learning can meet your learning outcomes, this article from Faculty Focus discusses how to create the bridge between the experience and the outcomes.  It discusses the reflection aspect of service learning, and the types of reflection students should aim for.