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Do You Have What It Takes?

While online courses are more convenient to schedule, students who have taken the courses in the past agree that they are not easier. They require a lot of work, discipline, and self-motivation to keep up with the assignments.  

Students who successfully complete distance learning courses are generally self-motivated, keep up to date with assignments without reminders, and have good reading skills.

If you have additional questions about online courses, consult an academic advisor or contact Allan Wamsley, Director of Online Learning and Educational Technology at (636) 481-3342, (636) 797-3000 ext. 3342, or

Take the SmarterMeasure learning readiness indicator to learn more about yourself, distance learning, and how to succeed.  This online tool will help identify your strengths and opportunities for growth related to distance learning including:

  • Individual Attributes (e.g., procrastination, time management, willingness to ask for help, academic attributes)
  • Learning Styles (What is your predominant learning style?)
  • Technical Competency, Skills, and Knowledge
  • Reading Rate and Recall
  • Typing Speed and Accuracy
  • Life Factors (e.g., time, place to study, reason, resources, skills)

You will receive a full-color report immediately following the completion of the SmarterMeasure assessment.  Your SmarterMeasure score will not prevent you from registering for online classes but will provide you with the information and tools to help you succeed in online courses.

SmarterMeasure is easy to take!

This assessment takes about 35-45 minutes of your time, but is critical to success in online courses.  We encourage all students planning to take an online course to complete this assessment prior to enrollment.

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