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Alumnus of the Year

In 1995, the Jefferson College Faculty Senate Executive Council initiated a program to recognize an outstanding alumnus at commencement each year.

We sincerely congratulate all of the past recipients, who include Marcella Weaver, Shirley Scarborough, Tim Gray, Joan Murphy, Jeff Elbl, Chuck Martin, Todd Oetting, Vera McCullough, Matt Brown, Shawn Bell, Ann Gettinger, Jane Brunk Kost, Dr. Elmer E. Revelle, Regina Herrington, Rick Francis, William Overstreet, Lena Hutson, Andrew Held, Bill Haggard, Jane Houser, Edward Moreno, Brandon Moonier and Nancy Nelson.

The Outstanding Alumnus is a person who graduated from Jefferson College with a certificate or associate degree, has achieved distinction in his or her chosen field of employment, has been involved in community service, and is not presently a trustee or an employee of Jefferson College.

Year Recipient
2018 Elaine Gannon
2017 Nancy M. Nelson
2016 Brandon Moonier
2015 Edward Moreno
2014 Jane Houser
2013 Bill Haggard
2012 Andrew Held
2011 Lena Hutson
2010 William "Bill" Overstreet
2009 Rick Francis
2008 Regina Herrington
2007 Elmer Revelle
2006 Jane Brunk Kost
2005 Ann Gettinger
2004 Shawn Bell
2003 Matt Brown
2002 Vera McCullough
2001 Todd Oetting
2000 Chuck Martin
1999 Jeff Elbl
1998 Joan Murphy
1997 Tim Gray
1996 Shirley Scarbrough
1995 Marcella Weaver

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