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Band Camp FAQs

Q: What age group may attend?
A: Students from grades 4th to completion of 8th grade may attend the camp.

Q: My child doesn't play an instrument, can they attend the camp and learn how to play?
A: No, the camp is for students who have at least one year of successful band experience and approval of their band director.

Q; What types of activities are included in the schedule?
A: Click here for a sample camp schedule that includes a breakdown of all activities.

Q: Where are the campers housed?
A: Campers will be housed in the college’s Viking Woods apartment style dorms. Four students will be housed in each room. Each student will have their own room.

Q: What types of meals are provided? 
A: Please click here for a sample band camp menu.

Q: Who is supervising the students while they are at camp?
A: Students are supervised at all times by certified teachers and college students who are “hand chosen.” The state-certified staff supervises students at all rehearsals, daily
activities and at night. College students assist with the supervision of campers during evening activities and at room checks.

Q: How much “free” time does a camper have?
A: Campers have very limited free time. They are supervised during recreational activities, all music activities, and meals. They are given 30-45 minutes after meals to return to their rooms to prepare for the next activity.

Q: What group should we sign up for?
A: The application has a section for the director to indicate the prospective camper’s ability and group selection. This section is to be completed by the director only.

Q: If we select the commuter package, what are the hours of the commuter?
A: Commuters need to be at camp no later than 8:45 am and may be picked up at 3:45 pm. Students may return for evening activities which are generally from 7-9 pm.

Q: What does my child need to bring to camp?
A: After an application has been accepted, students will receive confirmation and a list of items to bring. For the most part, they need to bring everyday items (snacks, toiletries, clothing, etc.)

Q: How much money will my child need at camp?
A: There isn’t a real need for students to have money while at camp. The amount of money depends on the needs of the student. Snacks and items at the bookstore is all that is available. Students occasionally order out for pizza in the early evening.

Q: Can my child attend their evening home activities? (i.e. ball games, dance recitals, church, etc.)
A: Yes students may participate in the evening activities provided they sign out and back in on return. We appreciate knowing about these activities during check in on Sundays.

Q: My child plays a non-band instrument, (i.e. guitar, piano, etc.) can they attend camp?
A: Students must have the approval of their school director. The director can better answer this question. However as a general rule, if they are not in the band or string program, their instrument limits their participation in the camp.

Q: My child plays percussion, what should they bring?
A: Percussion students should bring all sticks, mallets, their snare drum and/or bell kit. All other percussion instruments will be furnished.

Q: What is the dress for the camp?
A: Students should dress the same as they do for their regular school day. Clothing that is not proper for school should not be worn at camp.

Q: My child takes prescribed meds on a regular basis, will anyone monitor these meds?
A: Yes, the staff does monitor students taking meds. Medicines, the prescribed dosage and time to be taken should be turned in at time of registration the first day of camp.

Q: Can my child bring a cell phone to camp?
A: Yes, a cell phone may be brought to camp provided students use it only during free time. Phones may not be used during instructional time, meals or evening activities. We also ask students not to call parents if problems occur before they talk with a staff member.

Q: What is the dress for the concert?
A: Concert wear is the camp t-shirt (provided) and khaki colored shorts, tennis shoes and socks.

Q: What is the last day we can apply for camp?
A: Students may apply for camp up to 10 days prior to that camp. However, we have a limited amount of rooms available. The longer you wait to apply, it will be most likely housing will have been closed. In this case, students may attend as a commuter.

Q: Are band camp scholarships available?

A: From time to time, to fill the instrumentation for the ensembles, we do offer scholarships for such instruments as tubas, French horns, trombones, baritones, or double reeds. These are generally in the form of a commuter scholarship and given to Jefferson County students. However as a general rule, we do not offer scholarships due to the low cost of the camp. We do have individuals or groups that may offer a scholarship to a deserving student who has a need but this is not on an annual basis. Some band directors, band parent organizations and service clubs will offer scholarships within your community. It is suggested you check with them to see if there is anything available.

Q: When will we receive notification if our child is selected for the camp?
A: Confirmation and camp materials will be mailed approximately 3-4 weeks before the actual camp date. If you are concerned your check has not cleared or earlier confirmation has been made, you may contact the camp office at 636-481-3331 and leave a message and return phone number or you may email the camp director at

There have been times where a camp has been cancelled due to low enrollment or a camp is full. In this case, immediate notification is made to allow other plans or attend a different week of camp. 
The refund policy, medical information, and camp costs can be found on the camp application.

If you need further information, please contact the Camp Director, Joe Pappas at or 636-481-3331.