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Strategic Planning

Our shared vision for Jefferson College is to become widely recognized as a premier comprehensive community college where student achievement and student success are central to every endeavor.

Led by highly qualified college trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff, students master knowledge, skills, competencies, and values in a participative, innovative learning environment. The institution will be a model for enlightened, shared governance and will continue to strive for accreditation with distinction attesting to the excellence of its policies, practices, and services.

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The College’s planning process involves all of our stakeholders including the Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and our community. We value the voices of those who care deeply for Jefferson College and the Jefferson County area. We reach out to our community members, school districts and employers to help shape the future of the college and community. Only through partnering with our community as a whole, can Jefferson College become the institution it aspires to be. Community involvement will help us advance educational and workforce opportunities within Jefferson County and beyond.

Strategic Directions 2015-2020

Strategic Aim 1: Student Learning and Support

Jefferson College will facilitate positive learning outcomes through quality curriculum, excellent instructional strategies, and comprehensive support services.

Strategic Aim 2: Community Collaboration

Jefferson College will collaborate with the community to promote the intellectual, economic, and cultural enrichment of its diverse residents.

Strategic Aim 3: Support for Employees

Jefferson College will provide services, programs, and policies necessary to enable a diverse faculty and staff to contribute to the fulfillment of Jefferson College’s mission.

Strategic Aim 4: Environment and Infrastructure

Jefferson College will provide relevant, safe, energy efficient, and accessible environment, and use it to maximum efficiency to meet the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and community now and in the future.

Strategic Aim 5: Financial Responsibility

Jefferson College will maintain fiscal responsibility through a financial management system that promotes stability, flexibility, and transparency.